Website Development

Need a new website or want to revamp an existing one? Want to start blogging on your site to prove your expertise and start conversations with your clients?

We specialize in creating WordPress websites that not only give you a professional face on the web, but also give you the ability to easily update your site’s content, create blog posts, and the interaction with your visitors.

Custom WordPress Plugin Development

Do you want to add a special feature to your WordPress site? Are your needs not being met by an existing plugin? Do you have an idea for a plugin but need help implementing it?

Whether it’s displaying a specific kind of data, interacting with external services, or adding some other custom functionality, we can help you design and develop your custom plugin for your site or for release to the WordPress community.

Social Media Presence

Likes, retweets, +1, friends, followers, circles … you might use them every day in your online life, but what do they mean for your business?

An increasing amount of people are turning to social media to find out about businesses. Whether or not you have an official presence, people may be talking about your product or service. Social media can be used as a way to advertise to and interact with current and potential customers.


All of this technology is good, but knowing how to use it makes it great!

Every service we offer includes training to ensure that you are comfortable with the solution.  In addition, we’re happy to work with you to create customized training packages for your organization’s technology needs, whether it’s based on one of our services, standard software packages and technologies, or custom processes or solutions delivered by another vendor.

IT Consulting

Whether you need a custom script to gather server logs, custom hosting/server solutions, corporate e-mail, or even a review of your technology plans, we are available to provide a wide range of technology consulting.